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Come out with your beautiful vintage car dating from 1985 or earlier.

Volunteer Ambulance Corps Celebrates 50 Years

James Sheerin, a founder of the North Salem Volunteer Ambulance Corps, remembers how the organization brought together the community. “The volunteers were from all walks of life—policemen, firefighters, storekeepers and farmers,” Sheerin said. Fifty years ago, with a donation of $1,500 from the Lions Club,

Ambulance Side View

Please Donate or Volunteer!

Why is it important to give? While we have a very close working relationship with the Township and Fire Department, we are not affiliated with either and receive minimal financial support from tax dollars. Only a small portion of our budget comes from other areas,

Monthly Meetings

Just a reminder on our monthly meeting.  Please make every effort to attend! If you have gone off to college, Please send an e-mail (if you haven’t sent one yet), stating whether you will be taking a leave of absence or resigning from your position